Alarm Installation and Monitoring In South Wales

Don’t wait until the worst has happened. A&R Security Services can protect your premises with a professional wired intruder alarm. Having an alarm installed is an excellent way to deter thieves and vandals from trespassing on your property. Plus, an alarm is likely to help you obtain affordable insurance for your business.

Think about how you would feel if you arrived at work one morning to find that you had been broken into. Maybe equipment and valuable supplies have disappeared. Damage needs to be repaired. Consider the time lost in fulfilling your orders and contracts. Your business could lose out both now and in the future.

Don’t let this be you. The inconvenience, expense and stress are simply not worth it, not when you probably could have prevented it happening in the first place by installing an alarm system.

A&R Security Services can install a professional intruder alarm system and also provide remote monitoring of the system. Instead of relying on a local good Samaritan to respond to your alarm if it goes off, monitoring of your system means that we know that your alarm has been triggered. If the worst does happen and a determined trespasser is not put off by the presence of your alarm, you know they will not be free to take their time as they move about your premises.

As well as our alarm installation service, you may also want to consider our Key Holding and Alarm Response service so that you get the full benefit.

Why are A&R right for you?

We have been working with nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and independent schools across the UK for over ten years. 

We know that first impressions are everything when you receive visitors to your nursery, school or University, it’s important that they get the best impression of you. Relying on a commercial cleaning company your facilities are always looking their best and will help to raise your standards.

As well as providing daily school cleans we also offer our deep cleaning services, perfect to be conducted during the school holidays and even during term time! We also provide our Washroom and Janitorial Services to schools & further education, providing you with access to a range of products at a preferential rate. 

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Why Our Clients Love Working With Us
Every client has a dedicated account manager and an onsite communication book
Our staff have a visible log in/log out system, meaning all their hours are recorded
Our friendly in-house staff are all DBS checked
Our hiring process is rigorous, our highly skilled cleaning professionals go through a thorough 10-step development course.
Tailored Approach
A&R Cleaning Services create bespoke cleaning schedules for every client and identify cleaning hotspot unique to them
Here at A&R Services we take keyholding responsibility and insurance seriously with guaranteed COSHH compliance.
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A&R Cleaning Services enforce an easy-to-use colour coding system, with industry-leading specialist cleaning equipment
We’re ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 accredited and have all the processes and systems in place to guarantee quality commercial cleaning services.