At A&R Contract Cleaning Specialists

We know that a clean and welcoming retail premises is vital to presenting your brand positively.

A & R Cleaning Specialists Ltd appreciate that with the high footfall and time constraints of the retail industry, maintaining professional standards of cleanliness with only your in-house staff can be a difficult task. A & R Cleaning Specialists Ltd's quality professional retail cleaning service releases your staff from cleaning duties to focus on your core business and ensures that a thorough job is done every time.

A clean environment increases the number of customers who visit your store and also increases the duration of their visit to your store. Their perception of your brand is both consciously and subconsciously enhanced by clean units and floors, gleaming windows and mirrors, and fresh changing facilities.

A & R Cleaning Specialists Ltd undertake cleaning for all types and sizes of retail business. Our client list includes retail outlets, car showrooms, clothing shops, hardware stores, florists and technology stores. We tailor our service to suit the particular needs of each, working around retail business hours in order to support your image rather than hamper it.

The services we provide include, but not limited to:

• Window, mirror and glass cleaning
• Shop floors cleaning
• Changing room cleaning
• Showroom cleaning
• Office and stock room cleaning
• Washroom cleaning
• Hard floor and carpet maintenance


A & R Cleaning Specialists Ltd?

We believe in flexible working...

fitting in with the changing needs of your business

We do not insist on working to a fixed cleaning schedule when the realistic day-to-day cleaning needs of real businesses are always altering.

Our staff are thoroughly trained and our cleaning methods are first rate, using the latest in microfibre technology, in order to maintain your store to the highest standards. We offer regular, flexible cleaning schedules and deep cleans, because we understand that a business's needs vary.

At A & R Contract Cleaning Specialists Ltd, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our service, and this has earned us several awards over the years.

The modern dryers we supply are quick drying, energy efficient models with a quiet operation and Microban protection for added reassurance of cleanliness. Air fresheners are stylish models with an automatic, programmable function.

A & R Contract Cleaning Specialists Ltd is a recipient of the prestigious ISO14001 and ISO9001 awards. These awards recognise that A & R Contract Cleaning Specialists Ltd is a leading name in the retail cleaning industry, and delivers excellent customer service and a very high standard of work.

A & R Contract Cleaning Specialists Ltd provide an efficient, customer-focused service and give the excellent results your business or organisation needs at realistic prices.

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