Gym Cleaning Services

Gym Cleaning Specialists

We know that it is vital for your gym, health or fitness club to be cleaned regularly.

This ensures you are able to maintain a healthy and professional environment for your members to train in and for your staff to work in.

Gym equipment and exercise machines, especially those in frequent use, are breeding grounds for bacteria. It is vital that these items are cleaned regularly and carefully to reduce the risk of these germs, and also illnesses, spreading. These bacteria also cause unpleasant odours, but A&R Contract Cleaning Specialists have the expertise in gym cleaning techniques and the correct chemicals to put this right and help you keep your premises a place your members want to be.

The services we provide include, but not limited to:

• Exercise machines and equipment
• Window and glass cleaning
Washroom and shower room cleaning
• Sauna cleaning
• Swimming pool cleaning
• Carpet and hard floor cleaning
• Furniture cleaning
• Deep cleans


A & R Cleaning Specialists Ltd?

We offer a professional gym cleaning service.

This provides you with the confidence that your gym will be thoroughly sanitised by highly trained staff, using expert gym cleaning methods and specialist chemicals.

It is likely that your gym premises will require deep cleaning from time to time, which not only gives you the added assurance that bacteria have been removed, but maintenance of carpets, hard floors and upholstery can prolong the life of these items, saving your business money.

A&R Contract Cleaning Specialists Ltd are highly experienced in this type of service.

We are proud to have earned accreditation such as the prestigious ISO14001 award.

You can be confident that A&R Contract Cleaning Specialists Ltd provide a flexible, customer-focused service which takes account of any special requirements you may have or any changes you need to make to the regular cleaning schedule. Our staff work outside of your business hours, so as not to inconvenience you or your members.

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